Burning Palms Beach


I finished up at my previous job last week and went for a celebratory hike with some friends on the weekend at Burning Palms Beach. I couldn't imagine living anywhere where I couldn't be near the ocean within an hour. It's where I want to go to celebrate, to relax, to commiserate and to grieve. There's something all encompassing about it that always works. 

Lots of mixed emotions as I wrapped up my work and left, it was a great two and a half years. From learning full process retouching, brushing up my HTML and CSS, being behind the camera on photoshoots, wire framing the best user online shopping experience and of course lots of e-commerce browsing for "research". I've been grateful for the opportunities I've had there. Looking forward to a few months of travelling before I come back and start a new chapter. 

Photo: Carlo Delos Santos

Jo Li